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Selling YOUR property abroad is not the same as selling YOUR freehold or leasehold at home.

Many owners think they can do it themselves but what if YOUR client is French speaking not to mention Russian clients … how are you going to deal with this ? And what about the complicated law ?

In Europe we all have different back rounds and we still do not fully understand each other. Knowing the culture and the way of thinking of a potential buyer is unpredictable to be able to sell YOUR property. At Dr. Stange und Partner we speak 6 languages and this would certainly increase YOUR possibilities of selling YOUR property to the right customer.




What do we have to say more about our location ….
Established since 1986, our office is located on the main promenade of Playa de las Américas, known as “Avenida Rafael Puig Llivina.” The location of our office is one of best in the South of Tenerife.
Some people consider it as the best location of all estate agents in the South of Tenerife Our office has an enormous passing trade and that is certainly an advantage for especially every seller of a freehold.
Another advantage is the huge potential of serious clients that are having holidays in one of the hotels within the vicinity of our office.
In front of our office you find “Parque Santiago II” and “H10 Hotel Las Palmeras”. Next to our business is located the popular Bungalow Park “Parque Cristóbal” and the resort “Los Cardones” also known as “Colonial Village”. Other hotels like “Hotel La Siesta”, “H10 Hotel Conquistador”, “Hotel Club Europe”, “Hotel Villa Cortez”, “Parque Santiago III and IV” can be reached within a couple of minutes walk from our office.


Dr. Stange International (Dr. Stange International) is considered as one of the most established estate agents in the South of Tenerife. We have a professional attitude in the world of real estate and this can be confirmed by many of our satisfied clients, like Mr. Michel Guelboim from France. He said: "Dr. Stange helpt me to find the right place and they offered an excellent service". Dr. Bauer, he said: "For me Dr. Stange is a reliable partner and this is very important when purchasing a property".

A good reputation is not something we have created in a couple of years. It took many years before customers considered us as reliable. Estate Agents do not always have this reputation and we are fully aware of this ! Every time we have to prove ourselves again but we are grateful that every new client gives us that opportunity !!


Every seller of a property should know our strategy. We do not want any misunderstanding about our policy and each seller of a freehold should clearly know our principals about selling properties. The infrastructure of our company is based on the profile of Dr. Stange International. Since 1986, we have not changed this policy and we continue to emphasize the importance of this !



Dr. Stange und Partner MUST ALWAYS justify the ownership of every freehold property offered on the market. The legality of each ownership can be obtained at the Property Register. (Registro de la Propiedad) This document is called a “Nota Simple” and confirms the current situation of the property. We advice every seller to arrange such a document because it would clarify any unknown facts about the registration. Besides we could also ask for a first copy of the Title Deed (Copia Simple) or we would make a copy in our office of the registered Title Deed.(Escritura)

Resuming, we confirm that Dr. Stange und Partner must receive from every seller minimum ONE OF THESE THREE documents ; A “NOTA SIMPLE” or a “COPIA SIMPLE” or the “ESCRITURA” If one of these documents are not delivered by the seller than we do NOT start marketing your property on the internet !!


The sales instructions of the seller HAVE TO BE confirmed by either AN E-MAIL OR A WRITTEN SALES ORDER.

Dr. Stange und Partner will provide every NON-Resident seller with a down payment calculation. There should be no misunderstanding about our commission and your tax obligations. Our terms of condition are depending on the type of object. It is clear that a sale of Euro 1.000.000,00 does not include 5% commission. Every sale is different .

The following example is the sale of a property in Palm Mar - Arona

Sales priceEuro 91.000,00
Commission Dr. Stange und Partner 5% 4.550,00
Brut to owner Euro 86.450,00
3% Non-Resident Tax (Model 211) 2.730,00
Value Increase Tax (Model 420) 1.078,50 (calculation 9 years)
Gross to owner by bankers draft Euro 82.641,50

Dr. Stange und Partner is NOT responsible for the calculation of the 19% Capital Gains Tax. A fiscal adviser must inform you if the Euro 2.730,00 withhold by Tax Model 211, will be fully or partly refundable. It can also be the case that the sum is not refundable at all. The calculation of the Value Increase Tax (La Plus Valía) is based on the increase of the value of the land where the property has been built on. The amount to be paid depends on the years of ownership , the location of the property and the type of Town hall. The Value Increase Tax MUST always be paid by the seller !


Every seller must understand that it is undoubtedly important to supply our office with :

  • A photo copy of the rates
  • The bill of community payments (if they exist)

Every seller should inform us about the current situation of its freehold and if there are any monies outstanding. Dr. Stange und Partner cannot force each owner to pay off his debts before putting the property on the market. We would start marketing the property and would clarify the situation before the signing of the deeds. Dr. Stange und Partner will gladly be of assistance in this matter.


It is for a seller important to know in which way his or her property will be promoted. The normal procedure is publicity outside our office, inside our office, local magazines and on the internet.

Dr. Stange und Partner does not charge the seller for its marketing efforts but if the seller requires a special promotion, such as a film production, than Dr. Stange und Partner would kindly ask for an exclusive sales order during a period of minimum 6 months. Most of our sales orders have no exclusivity although in the area around our office, the sellers mainly work only with our office because of our well known reputation.

The period of the sales order is unlimited and will be cancelled if:

  • the owner decides not to sell anymore
  • the seller found a client himself (see our service package !)
  • another agent or solicitor or fiscal adviser received a deposit by contract

There are NO COSTS occurring for the seller relating to the withdrawal of his or her property on the market. Although every seller must understand that it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to inform Dr. Stange und Partner about the cancellation of the sales order. The sales order has to be cancelled by e-mail, by phone or through our PO Box 131. If such a demand is not respected a Euro 500,= fine can be expected !!



It is our duty to inform every seller about the procedure and the conditions of selling . The most important issues have already been explained except of the energy certificate.(Certificado Energetica) Each seller of a freehold MUST have this energy certificate. Our office is collaborating with the company “ARQTECA” to assist every seller to obtain this energy certificate. The certificate consists of 11 pages or more (depending on the size of the object) and includes the following items:

  • 1 The location of the resort or/and the freehold.
  • 2 Details of the seller/owner.
  • 3 The name and address of the company and technical architect.
  • 4 Chosen option for obtaining the rate of energy efficiency.
  • 5 Energy rules of application in the construction of the building.
  • 6 Energy characteristics of the complex or freehold.
  • 7 Description of the energy characteristics of the resort or property.
  • 8 Recommendations for existing buildings.
  • 9 Energy rating for existing buildings.
  • 10 Probes, checks and inspections.
  • 11 Compliance with environmental requirements for climatized systems.
  • 12 The date of issue and expedition. The certificate is valid for 10 years.
  • 13 The registration number at the Employment of Counseling Industry and Commerce of the Canarian Government. (Consejería de Empleo, Industria y Comercio de Gobierno de Canarias)


Less than 60 m² Euro 125,00
60m2 to maximum 100 m² Euro 155,00
100 m² to maximum 150 m² Euro 200,00
More than 150m² to consult

The architect office “ARQTECA” has proven to be reliable partner and has always been at our service when we required !


Our assistance counts ONLY for those sellers that have their property up for sale with Dr. Stange und Partner. The profile of assistance depends on the requirements of the seller, the type of sale and possible third parties involved. If a property has a mortgage than the procedure of selling can become complicated for the seller. Dr. Stange und Partner must take action to lift the mortgage out of the property Register in case the buyer does not require a mortgage. In this particular case we would not only assist the seller but we would also act on behalf of the buyer !!

We would like to emphasize that in cases of finding the purchaser yourself, our office could assist and advice you in which way the Title Deeds should be prepared. The service fee depends on the circumstances of each seller. For more information please contact our office in Playa de las Américas.